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Callaway Speed Regime 1 Used Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Speed Regime 1

$12.99 USD

If you're not playing a Tour ball that's been engineered and fit to your swing speed, you are giving up significant performance. The Callaway SR1 Golf Balls are optimized aerodynamic performance, resulting in more distance for moderate swing speeds. Callaway's softest urethane cover delivers Tour-level control and incredibly soft feel. Superior spin separation creates low driver spin for long distance and more spin and control into the green.

The SR1 has the best aerodynamic performance for swing speeds of 90mph and below. The HEX pattern is engineered specifically to optimize low speed lift with long, stable, penetrating ball flights.

Callaway's softest urethane cover delivers Tour-level control on shots into and around the green and an incredibly soft feel.

A soft inner core with low spin off the driver provides for long distance. A firmer outer core with higher spin rates offers more spin, control, and aggressive stopping power on short irons and wedges. That's the Tour performance used in SR spin separation. This may contain a mixture of different year models.


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