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How We Grade

California Golf Balls Grading Scale stands behind every golf ball we sell. We are committed to having satisfied golfers that not only can’t wait to come back again, but to tell other golfer's about That’s why we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your golf balls simply return them within 30 days for a 100% refund.


Based on customer Feedback and our own staff experience with over 20 years of experience in the golf ball industry, we sell golf balls online in 3 grades for the top lines of golf balls and 1 mixed grade for our Best Value section.


5A / AAAAA / 1st Quality / Mint

These balls have the appearance of a new golf ball with absolutely minimal marks if any at all and will be shiny in appearance. Please note that some balls may have a small logo or minor ink spot. This grade is ideal for the serious golfer. This grade is also known as "Mint", "Perfect" "Pearl" or "AAAAA".

 AAAAA / 5A / 5 Star / Mint Golf Ball Grade


4A / AAAA / 2nd Quality / Grade A

These balls will consist of golf balls that range from looking like new to golf balls with minor marking and/or small surface scratches. Every golf ball in this grade could be played in competition golf. The 4A / 2nd quality grade golf balls will look how a new ball looks after 6-9 holes with light shading and minor scratches. There are no balls in this grade that would have their performance compromised. Please note that some balls may have a corporate logos on them. This grade is also known as "Near Mint", "Excellent" or "Near Perfect". We pride ourselves with the highest grading of this quality of golf ball on the market today!

 AAAA / 4A / 4 Star / Grade A Golf Ball Grade


3A / AAA / 3rd Quality / Grade B

These packs will contain golf balls that have a scuff mark and may be slightly off color. They will look like they balls that were played 1 round or so. These balls are ideal for golfers who lose a few balls a round or anyone looking for friendly game and are not too concerned about losing some balls. These are balls for the golfer that wants top brand name balls but wants to pay the lowest price possible as an economy ball. Please note that there may be corporate logos in this mix. This grade is also known as "Good", "3rd Grade" or simply "AAA"

AAA / 3A / 3 Star / Grade B Golf Ball Grade


5A / 4A Mix (1st & 2nd Quality Mix)

These mixes of the top 2 grades of balls are used for our Best Value section of golf balls. These are great looking name brand mainstream golf balls and are sold in packs of 100 balls. These are the best value of golf balls that we offer. They are all name brand balls and are priced so that if you lose them it doesn’t hurt your pocketbook. These balls are great for someone who wants great looking balls but is not so concerned about the specific model of the brand. These models may have a large percentage of corporate logos on them.

AAAAA / 5A / 5 Star / Mint Golf Ball Grade