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Recycled Vs Refinished Golf Balls

At we sell only cleaned recycled golf balls. “Cleaning only” means we utilize a proprietary wash process that allows the recovered golf balls to soak in a nonabrasive environmental friendly cleaning solution. The golf balls are then washed in a specially designed golf ball washers. All of these steps are performed within a fully contained replenishing system, then sorted to brands and styles and sold back to you at incredible golf ball deals. That is all we do! sells and sorts only cleaned used golf balls that have not been subjected to a stripping, chemical wash, blasting or repainting process. A refinished or refurbished golf ball is a very low quality golf ball that goes through an aggressive surface preparation by chemical and/or mechanical stripping the original paints from the golf ball. The stripped used golf ball is then repainted and reprinted. At this point the balls performance has been altered in some manner. The weight of the ball may have changed, the actual size of the golf ball has been changed due to excessive paint or the dimples of the golf ball have been improperly filled by paint.

There is also some processes that are performed on used golf balls that involves buffing out light scuffs, scratches and marks followed by painting the prepared golf ball with a coat of clear paint. This process provides an “unnatural shine” to the once dull and worn golf ball. Unfortunately, this reapplication of clear paint may severely alter the performance of the golf ball. The original golf ball dimples may be “overfilled” with paint or clear coat causing a disruption in the golf ball flight or not enough clear coat to cover the ball leaving the refurbished / refinished golf ball to scuff or stain more rapidly than a used or recycled golf ball.

At you can be assured that the recycled golf balls you receive have not been altered by us. We work diligently to assure you that the quality and performance of your golf balls are maintained to the manufacturer specifications.