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Bridgestone B330-S Used Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone B330-S

$14.99 USD

The Bridgestone Tour B330-S golf balls is designed for players seeking exceptional, consistent performance while achieving incredible distance and optimal greenside control. The Tour-caliber B330-S is a softer feeling golf ball that spins more and will have higher trajectory than the Bridgestone B330. If you have a swing speed over 100-112 mph or if you have a lower trajectory and feel like your shots are not spinning enough, this is the ball for you. It will have a slightly softer feel off of the club face, a higher flight trajectory, and more spin on shorter wedge shots than the B330. This may contain a mixture of different year models.
Product ratings
Number of reviews : 2
Average rating : 5 /5
  the 27/06/16
5/ 5
These were as good a 4-star quality as I've seen with various used ball sites. I've never really seen a reason to opt for 5-star balls, as once you've hit the ball one time it's a 4-star. I assume most of the used balls found are off of driver misses, so they show little wear, but once you hit them with the first iron, they are 4-star. These 4-star balls were perfect throughout.
  the 06/06/16
5/ 5
These golf balls were in excellent condition. They looked as if they may have been played before, but they were not scuffed, scratched, or damaged. Excellent product at an excellent price!

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