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New Softer Core High COR for speed/low compression to ease driver-spin for maximum distance. Its inner Mantle Resilient-yet-supple composition boosts speed yet feels soft. 
Middle Mantle Works with inner layers to build speed and outer layers to manage spin. 
Outer Mantle Works with middle mantle to maximize speed and with soft-cover for high greenside spin. The cover is cast thermoset urethane delivers soft feel and high greenside spin. This may contain a mixture of different year models.
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  the 08/06/16
4/ 5
Very nice balls but with enough blemishes that I wouldn't truly consider them AAAAA or MINT. Work fine but don't keep their color; get dark quickly rather than stay white like a new ball would. Overall a good ball for being used but not as good as a new ball as claimed.

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